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Fandom In Stitches - A Call for Designers

Fandom In Stitches is a multi-fandom website that offers free quilt patterns for fans, by fans, including a large collection of Twilight patterns, thanks mostly to our very own hardhatcat's Block of the Month that was held here on twilight_crafts in 2010.

We are looking for designers to help with our Request List and to diversify the fandoms we represent.

If you'd like to be part of the awesome fandomy goodness, you can read about being an FiS Designer right here.

All quilt techniques are welcome; appliqué, traditional, embroidery, etc.

We hope to hear from you!

Breaking Dawn Quilt

I'm currently working with a group of others on a quilt for Breaking Dawn.  The block i've worked on are for Esme Isle and the "why am I covered in feathers?" scene

This is Esme Isle.  The house is described as white with large windows looking onto the beach.  I was going to originally going to piece the dolphin in the water as well, but was running out of time and as i already had this dolphin fabric in my stash, i decided to use that instead.  Note that this image is an uncropped picture so once stitched into the final quilt the seam allowance is taken into account the sun will have more of a rounded image rather than the teadrop shown here.

This is my covered in feathers block.  It was hard to find a background colour that would suit and still showcase the feathers well.  I also used different cream tones for the feathers so that each was distinct in itself and to give a bit of feeling of depth to the image.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the blocks the others in my group have finished and once the overall quilt is completed!

Mini-Challenge on Fandom In Stitches

Quileute Tattoo Quilt Block

We'd like to invite you to join us over on Fandom In Stitches for our first mini-challenge: Runs With Wolves!

The first person to make this awesome 10" quilt block designed by hardhatcat, the designer of the Twilight Block of the Month here on twilight_crafts will win a pack of Team Werewolf buttons.

Fandom In Stitches

Hey, twilight_crafts! I have something awesome to share and it can't wait another minute!

Do you remember the exceedingly excellent TwiBOM designed and hosted by our own hardhatcat?

All of Cat's fantastic Twilight patterns, as well as the additional (and also fantastic!) patterns created by liljabs are now archived on the brand new website, Fandom In Stitches. FiS is a website devoted to the pursuits of quilty fandom. As the site continues to grow, we will including from many different fandoms. In addition to Twilight, soon, you can look for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and many, many more.

Fandom In Stitches is just a baby and our very first page online is the Vampire pattern page, which which is where you will find the Twilight patterns. Also look for Buffy/Angel and True Blood!

Go, enjoy, and we'd love to get your feedback!

BOM Challenge Winners!

twilight_crafts is proud to present the results f the Twilight Crafts Block of the Month (TwiBOM) Quilt Challenge!


First prize Receives:
Twilight tee (shown below)
Fabric (shown below)
Winning icon (above)

Runner-Up Receives
Twilight tee (shown below)
Winning icon (above below)

TwiBOM Adv 2
by queenmlv

Prizes donated by hardhatcat

A huge thanks to you both on behalf of hardhatcat and all of twilight_crafts for not only participating in the TwiBOM, but sharing your progress and making such gorgeous quilts out of your blocks!

Are you quilting, crafting or making Twilight? We'd love to see your crafts posted here! Have ideas for future craft-alongs, challenges, etc.? Please let us know!
I've had this top finished for almost a full month now. I made this wall hanging for my sister,
The patterns are from hardhatcat the top 4 patterns are from her Twibom :) the classic film is ofenjen 's and the hourglass at the bottom is mine :)

Twilight cover wall hanging

Twi Crafted Gifts

Gifts for a Twilight Friend!  Hope she likes them!


Crafty Sales Posts

twilight_crafts recently changed our community guidelines and the way we deal with sales posts. Instead of one post where you can share your for sale items in comments, we're going to give individual sales posts a try. We would love your feedback on this.

Sellers, here are your guidelines:

Items must be Twilight-related, hand-crafted items

All sales posts behind an lj- cut, they will not be approved without a cut.

Posts need to include the tag "for sale"

All items posted must be PG-13 or less in order to be approved.

Please include all appropriate contact information, links, etc.

Individual sellers may only make sales posts once a month.

When posting items for sale, the moderators at twilight_crafts encourage you to keep in mind this is a craft community and not a sales community. Posting your crafty goodness encourages others to create so please be aware that by sharing photos of your for sale work, you are acknowledging that you are also sharing your ideas and others may be inspired to recreate your work.

TwiBOM Challenge - Voting Take Two!

Due to my overlooking one of the wonderful entries for the TwiBOM Challenge, we've reset the poll to include the overlooked entry. Please have another look and vote for your favorite! You have my most sincere apologies for the mistake.

We have THREE gorgeous entries for hardhatcat 's Twilight Crafts Block of the Month, fondly known around here as the TwiBOM! Thank you to everyone that made blocks and to the two crafty divas that finished your quilt tops in time for the challenge, well done on your gorgeous creations.

For everyone's time to choose your favorite!

The poll will be open until Friday, April 15. You must be a member to vote. :)

Twibom Quilt top
Quilt 1 by liljabs

TwiBOM Adv 2
Quilt 2 by queenmlv

TwiBoM Beginner Blocks
Quilt 3 by queenmlv

This poll is closed.

Choose your favorite! (If you can!)

Quilt 1 by liljabs
Quilt 2 by queenmlv
Quilt 3 by queenmlv

The winner will win fabulous prizes chosen by hardhatcat . Details on that to be added soon.

Still haven't made your own Twilight quilt? Well, why not? hardhatcat 's gorgeous block patterns are archived here! Don't know how to paper piece? Not to worry, we have you covered there, too!

Visit the Twilight BOM Flickr Group for more great photos.

TwiBOM Quilt Challenge

If you have not posted your Twilight Block of the Month quilt here to twilight_crafts or in our Flickr Group, please do it now and leave a link to your photo in this post so we can find it!

Reminder: The quilt tops will need to be made up of at least 80% blocks from either the Beginners or the Advanced sets of twilight_crafts BOM blocks.

The poll for the challenge will be posted later today, so be sure and check back!



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