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BOM Challenge Winners!

twilight_crafts is proud to present the results f the Twilight Crafts Block of the Month (TwiBOM) Quilt Challenge!


First prize Receives:
Twilight tee (shown below)
Fabric (shown below)
Winning icon (above)

Runner-Up Receives
Twilight tee (shown below)
Winning icon (above below)

TwiBOM Adv 2
by queenmlv

Prizes donated by hardhatcat

A huge thanks to you both on behalf of hardhatcat and all of twilight_crafts for not only participating in the TwiBOM, but sharing your progress and making such gorgeous quilts out of your blocks!

Are you quilting, crafting or making Twilight? We'd love to see your crafts posted here! Have ideas for future craft-alongs, challenges, etc.? Please let us know!

TwiBOM Challenge - Voting Take Two!

Due to my overlooking one of the wonderful entries for the TwiBOM Challenge, we've reset the poll to include the overlooked entry. Please have another look and vote for your favorite! You have my most sincere apologies for the mistake.

We have THREE gorgeous entries for hardhatcat 's Twilight Crafts Block of the Month, fondly known around here as the TwiBOM! Thank you to everyone that made blocks and to the two crafty divas that finished your quilt tops in time for the challenge, well done on your gorgeous creations.

For everyone's time to choose your favorite!

The poll will be open until Friday, April 15. You must be a member to vote. :)

Twibom Quilt top
Quilt 1 by liljabs

TwiBOM Adv 2
Quilt 2 by queenmlv

TwiBoM Beginner Blocks
Quilt 3 by queenmlv

This poll is closed.

Choose your favorite! (If you can!)

Quilt 1 by liljabs
Quilt 2 by queenmlv
Quilt 3 by queenmlv

The winner will win fabulous prizes chosen by hardhatcat . Details on that to be added soon.

Still haven't made your own Twilight quilt? Well, why not? hardhatcat 's gorgeous block patterns are archived here! Don't know how to paper piece? Not to worry, we have you covered there, too!

Visit the Twilight BOM Flickr Group for more great photos.

TwiBOM Quilt Challenge

If you have not posted your Twilight Block of the Month quilt here to twilight_crafts or in our Flickr Group, please do it now and leave a link to your photo in this post so we can find it!

Reminder: The quilt tops will need to be made up of at least 80% blocks from either the Beginners or the Advanced sets of twilight_crafts BOM blocks.

The poll for the challenge will be posted later today, so be sure and check back!


Prize for Twi_BOM quilt top

Just to let you know that this will soon be announced.  I have had some things come up in RL that has meant i haven't been able to see to this yet.  But i haven't forgotten.  Please stay turned for the next post on this!


Advanced Blocks ready to be quilted

I finally got this one sashed/stripped and bordered. Just needs to be quilted and bound. I made two, and the other one just needs the border put on.

Thanks again, Cat, for all your patterns.


Another block

Okay. I finished my two chess board blocks. I have no idea what's going on with that one white square, but I'll fix it. The machine applique on this left the edges a little ragedy, so I'll have to trim them. I think my fabric was more prone to fraying than I knew. Anyway, getting there.


Twilight(ish) Quilt Blocks

hardhatcat suggested to me that those of you participating in the BOM might like some alternative or additional blocks for your quilt.

Many New Moons ago (har, har, aren't I, I didn't really think so...), before twilight_crafts existed, I designed a few Twilight blocks for a friend of mine. Those few are shared below. hardhatcat also suggested a number of non-Twilight blocks from my website that could easily be adapted to be very Twilight-y!

Howling Wolf


You can make the Gryffindor Lion for Edward and just leave off the last two pieces that turns it into a crest.


Hand, L, R (this one can be...and has been!...adapted to a NM block by having a cut on the index finger)

Broken Heart (apply to the broken hearted character of your choice...I was thinking Bella in New Moon)

Hardback Book Clapperboard (especially good to make a Twilight block if you embroider!)

House 1 or House 2 (Edward and Bella's cottage or Jacob's house)

Bed Pattern *insert witty comment here*

Quill 1 or 2 (feather scene in Breaking Dawn)

For even more inspiration, visit the Twilight Quilter's Coven. They've been very creative in turning non-Twilight blocks into the perfect choice for a Twilight quilt!


Twibom quilt layout

So I've decided on my Twibom layout but for it to work I need a few more blocks and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions

Picture under the cutCollapse )



I've been making Twibom blocks most of today :)
I hadn't made much of the beginners blocks so I'm making all those to get my quilt top to a decent size :)
the Cullen crest is 10"
Twibom Cullen Crest

cut for lodes of picsCollapse )


Twi BOM Layout Extravaganza!

TwiBom Layout All Blocks Black
TwiBom Layout - All Blocks Black

As mentioned by hardhatcat in this post, I have some layout ideas to share with you all for the Quilt Top Challenge!

See that fun example above? It's just one of many, the rest of which are behind the cut.

You are welcome to use any of these for your design inspiration, keeping in mind the Challenge guidelines. A few of these layouts do not use the required number of TwiBOM blocks (don't worry, there's a note!), but I thought they were fun and included them for additional inspiration.

All blocks were designed by hardhatcat. The layouts in this post were designed by me using EQ7 and photos of the blocks as shared here in previous posts by hardhatcat. You are welcomed to use the layouts to make quilts for personal, non-profit or charitable reasons.

A little inspiration, right this way!Collapse )



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